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eBGDAE1Em=1564423D45A67C89(:30) Em They met in a000310hurricane03311D standing in the shelter22202212out of the rain00302013Am7 she tucked a note2442414into his hand4220015C1617Em Later on they000318took his car34419D drove on down where the2222020beaches are4342021Am7 he wrote her name2444422in the sand20023C2425(:55) G Never even let4220226F go of her2242027C hand20328D4(add9)29301Em - interlude3132D3334Am73536C37382,3(1:48) C Sometimes the000339world begins to031040set you up on your0000341feet again and oh0310042Bm it wipes the333443tears from you eyes340244D4546C How will you000347Ever know the031048way that circumstan0331149ces go0031050Bm it's gonna hit3334351you by surprise4200252D53 but I0054Am7 know my past03455Gsus4/B you were there in002256C evreything things I've020257Cadd9 done058you are the one222259Em 4X on 2nd repeat - 14X on 3rd.6061D 2nd ending last time.6263Am764651C666726869
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