eBGDAE1Em=15604423D033345A10006207C80249(:30) Em They met in a010hurricane11D standing in the shelter12out of the rain13Am7 she tucked a note14into his hand15C1617Em Later on they18took his car19D drove on down where the20beaches are21Am7 he wrote her name22in the sand23C2425(:55) G Never even let26F go of her27C hand28D4(add9)29301Em - interlude3132D3334Am73536C37382,3(1:48) C Sometimes the39world begins to40set you up on your41feet again and oh42Bm it wipes the43tears from you eyes44D4546C How will you47Ever know the48way that circumstan49ces go50Bm it's gonna hit51you by surprise52D53 but I54Am7 know my past55Gsus4/B you were there in56C evreything things I've57Cadd9 done58you are the one59Em 4X on 2nd repeat - 14X on 3rd.6061D 2nd ending last time.6263Am764651C666726869Change tuning (R)