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eBGDAECapo 1st fret1=864423023242324023242325023242326023242327023242328023242329023242321002324232110232423212What am I to do?02324232132434022214Someone here is really not happy300000015022222216Put myself on a line02324232172434022218It seems I never got through to you30000001902222222030000So I0021wean myself off slowly30000002202324232230232423224I'm a darkened soul02324232252434022226My street's all pop300000027music and gold022222228All our lives are on TV02324232292434022230You switch off and try to sleep30000003102222223230000People0033get so lonely30000003402324232350232423236I believe, I believe, I believe3738Everything's out to the sea3940I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe4142That it's the way it…43…should be44I hope you feel45the same464702Everyone is dying324232482434022249Stop crying now, here comes the sun300000050022222251I didn't mean to hurt you0232423252Oh, no, no2434022253It takes time to see what you've done30000005402222225530000So I0056wean myself off slowly30000005702324232580232423259I believe, I believe, I believe6061Love is……the only onelet ring6263I deceive, I deceive, I deceive, I deceive6465'Cause I'm not that strong6667I hope you feel68the same6970422And now24656let ring7102320it seems that22272422we're falling apart24656let ring73023202But I2274hope I see the good in you42224656let ringlet ring75come back again0232022I276just believed244377in you4232let ringlet ring784232479023242328024340222813000000820222222832320848586
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