eBGDAE1Intro=1204423456789Intro 21011121314151617Verse18192021Another lonely night22203222on the22telephone03230we talk222425when moonlighting220326strikes2out from our203327inner war2002829Pretending that you miss2203302the touch of022331my caress0223233But our lips never met22203342cos one kiss could2203335never last2003637Pre-ChorusLocked up inside your room,55252738you play the lover tune775522and239dance all night755but you5240run out of moves552741You're so close but out of reach555252742Your voice is haunting me77575754344You've been9745Chorustalking in your997546sleep again75547You talk in your9975348sleep.9Baby,9749You9talking in your997550sleep again75551You talk in your9975352sleep.9Baby,535455Verse 2You play so hard to get22203562I know you'll never change your ways22203570225859You make the minutes seem like hours222030602The hours seem like days033612006263You know I'll come 2220when264you whisper020I'll run when you call223650226667And when I'm calling out to you222030682Oh baby022I got 0269no replies at all2222702071Pre-ChorusThis hide and seek were playing55252272Is such a vicious game775552But 273it dont matter what you say555252774I love you anyway77575577576Cos9You've been9777Chorustalking in your997578sleep again75579You talk in your9975380sleep.9Baby,9781You9talking in your997582sleep again75583You talk in your9975384sleep.9You've been9785talking in your997586sleep again75587You talk in your12121212388sleep.1289Solo