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d#A#F#C#G#D#1intro=16644234567891011121314last515versenight3i swallowed liq22216-uor22and a light03017-er3and 3318this morning i threw up fi33322019-re3but3320it's nothing new333i've 2221piecing it together233332and it's got something to do222223333 with every look…33…thrown23pre-chorus3300like a knife across a crowded room.3222243032Every slow and…22…quiet car ride2533003I spent drinking in2222633the backseat003227Every stupid melody 3300322to228every stupid song330032329And3every stupid word that everybody's hanging on.222233022233331What difference does this…20332…difference in age make?323230333I know 32how it end32034-sshe kill me quick3235chorus3call 2369 1 103237im 2already338dead02but0339someone should be caught0203400and held 20re341sponsible023for this2242bloody32mess343444546474849505152last053versenight3I fell asleep22254next to a lia2203055-r3and i3356woke up with shine332a2057-r3and 3358 it's all that I remember 2333222f-259rom a night 2322 spent lying on my back22602333with a view2261pre-chorus of3a stone white ceiling and the back of…303222…your head 623303This dark and quiet bed22633303felt like the middle of nowhere.222643303We beat 22265each other up33003just like we always do.22266303When I'm talking to…22… myself6733003I'd always rather222683be30talking to you.322369What difference does this difference in age make?20332703230371I know 32how it end32072-sshe kill me quick3273chorus3call 2749 0131275im al2376-ready02dead0but377someone should be caught0203780and held 20379responsible023for2280this bloody mess.32381call 582homi3-cide2083take the5284case to court320cause2385Her lips taste like 020386loaded gun and im her number020338702one3 288chalkline on the floor3203389bridgeThey hung her222290from2the bridge24on 091Monday.29293The gathering turned into a 3329422mob 4095out2on0the4296lawn497they 33dropped3398her body in the224099river2100101And school and work returned to normal before long232102224103104105106107choruscall2108901312109im al23110-ready0 dead20but3111someone should be 0203112caught and held respons020311302-ible3for this22114bloody mess323115call5116hom3i2cide0117take the52118case to court320cause23119her lips taste like0203120loaded gun020and 33121im her number one0232122chalk outline on the floor32033123124Change tuning (R)
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