Brendan Benson - On The Fence Chords

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Well I'm afraid that it's true, I'm leavin' you

But rest assured, tomorrow I'll be home.

Cuz you know I never could, I never was no good

Lord knows at bein' on my own.

Never was the type to want to settle down,

But never had the nerve to ramble on.

So I'm leaving here tonight, but I'll be back before dawn

So leave a light on, and keep my supper warm.


Never been a fighter or a lover,

never thought that either made much sense.

and I can't decide on this way or the other,

So I live my life just sittin on this fence.


and today I feel restless, tomorrow I won't fret this,

There's no tellin' what this boy will do,

but baby guarantee, the moment that I'm free,

that's when I'll come crawlin' back to you.



and I don't know how you can stand it, I don't know why you stay,

but you know I never planned it, to turn out this way,

and I would understand it, if you couldn't take any more,

of my always keeping one foot out the door.


and I want to get married, I want to raise a family,

do like all the other people do,

But what self-respecting woman, would ever have me and not stab me,

When I wanna have my cake and eat it too

Chorus to end