Built to Spill - The Source Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo


[c#m], [a], [f#m] morning comes and i'm up on time again [a], [c#m], [g#m], [a] upon getting up i'm down on what i got up for [c#m], [a], [f#m] boring dumb and fine it's been a long time my friend [a], [c#m], [g#m], [a] and you haven't changed neither have i so why you wanna bring that up [c#m], [g#m], [a] feel it started at the source


[c#m], [g#m], [a], [f#m], [e], [a] [f#m], [a] what is it that makes you cry and why post chorus: [e], [c#m], [a] when you see a documentary and know the outcome and that it's fucked [g#m], [f#m], [a] you still hope hitler will blow up and that kennedy will duck for the jammy part after that (the POST POST CHORUS??) play the same progression. then theres the soft loud dynamic part which consists of the chords c#m (soft) and f#m then go back to the 'feel it starting at the source' part. rinse and repeat as necessary.

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