Bwitched - C Est La Vie Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo


Listen carefully to the 1st couple of seconds of the song to get a feel for the rhythm that you should play for this little part
----8--8---8--8-8-8-8---8--8---7--7-7-7-7--repeat forever and a day
the bottom line; i.e. all the 7s on the G string are optional. It doesn't sound like they are played, but they can be added in and out adlib (IMHO). Try muting them on and off with your fretting hand. Or just don't play them at all after playing the above 1 and a half times, the bass comes in... ...from then on it plays this Just carry on playing the guitar and bass as you were for the intro. It's just the same. This continues like this until the pre-chorus..

Pre-chorus 1

This is the bit from "gotta let me in" to "blow you away!" (start 0:35) To make this sound right, use LOTS of fretting hand muting. Bet that little "wchk" made it clearer... The bass part is just a rough guess. It sounds alright when I play along, but the bass is probably doing a lot more. No, sorry, I've just improved the bass part slightly.. Gawd... that sounds damn good now. I don't even play the bass!
Gotta let me in, hey hey hey     Let the fun begin. He-ey.
**Electric Guitar (treble position - clean)
I'm the wolf today, hey hey hey.   I'll huff, I'll puff, I'll huff I'll puff, I'll blow you away!
**Electric Guitar (treble position - clean)
**Electric Bass (clean)
straight after this, the song progresses to the chorus...

Chorus 1

Both the bass and the guitar play the same as the verse.

Verse 2

Both the bass and the guitar play the same as verse 1.

Chorus 2

Both the bass and the guitar play the same as chorus 1. Then, that little irish jig bit... Little Irish Jig Bit 1 For this, the bass and guitar play exactly the same as the chorus and the verse, but the song has shifted up a key one full tone. The guitar just slides up and starts playing around A instead of G:
whereas the electric bass steps up to the new key: **Electric Bass from then on, it just plays.. Chorus, and Outro chorus Both the guitar and the bass play the same riffs, but in the new key. Distorted Slide Note: Every now and then, you'll hear a distorted guitar slide down. Before the key change, the guitar is sliding down from a G chord; after it is A. To do this, use power chords, lots of distortion, and just play the chord, and slide down as it is dying out

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