Capo 2nd fret

Standard (EADGBE)

( )

(try these alternate

() = optional/ad-lib fingerings to spice

h = hammer-on up the guitar solo

p = pull-off section)

s = slide

And as in all tab, make sure you're reading this in a font that

gives equal spaces for each character (ex. courier), or else the

lines won't line up.

* = these three notes are rhythmically faster, cross

the strings quick.

11/13 = slide from 11 to 13


Normally Alex's version of the intro is better, but on a 12-string

use this version on just the bottom two "courses" (pairs of strings), b

and e. I run through the intro lick--Alex's unless I'm on a

12-string--once, and then I start strumming the full chords.

Once you go to strumming full chords, the easiest way is to use

the basic E and A9 fingerings. This way your hand is always in the

same position at the second fret. You can also add the hammer to the E

and the optional notes to the A9 with your pinky finger. This puts

part of the intro lick within the chords and spices things up a bit.

But here's an even better way that's not much more difficult:

These chords also contain the intro lick and sound much better

than just the basic E and A9. I use these in the intro, after the

first chorus, and in the outro, though I use the basic E and A9 for

about half of the outro to keep these from getting monotonous. Note

that you can play all this keeping your ring finger on the 4th string.

Verse 1

Verse 2



Verse 3

[repeat bridge]

[repeat chorus]

Guitar solo

[repeat chorus]

E Bsus4 (one hard strum, then building to the E)