Capo 3rd fret

Standard (EADGBE)

(2,7): X02210 (with hammers)

C2: X32033 (with moving bass notes)

Fmaj7: 133210 or ,2 133200 (somewhat interchangeable)

(play 4 times)

on the Am, hammer on the C (fret 1 B string)

and the A (fret 2 G string), then hammer off

the C (fret 1 B string) and switch to the D2.

also the strum changes slightly on the fourth

time, so listen to it.

(play 16 times)

on the C2, hammer from B to C for the bass

(fret 2 to 3 on A string), then keep going

down in rhythm on the A string from fret 3

to 2 to 0 (open A string), then you switch

to the G chord and hit it twice in the strum.

again, listen to it ...

(play 4 times)

then extra D/F# leading into chorus

obviously change the strum for the first half

of the chorus, and the D/F# leading into it,

basically all downs, an intense strum.


(verse w/ less repeats)