Standard (EADGBE)

Left his seemless robe behind

Woke up in a stable crying

Lived and died and rose again

Savior for a guilty land

Vs. 2

It's a story like a children's tune

And it's grown familiar as the moon

so now I ride my camel high

And I'm aiming for the needle's eye


I chased the wind, but i chased in vain

I chased the earth, but it would not sustain


There's only one

Who never fails to beckon the morning light

there's only one

who sets loose the gales and ties the trees down tight

when all around my soul gives way

he then is all my hope and stay

there's only one only one

Holy one

Vs. 3

Lord you are my prince of peace

but this war brings me to my knees

see there's a table you've prepared

And all my enemies are there

Pre-chorus 2

But where my shepard leads

Where else can I go

who else fills my cup