eBGDAE1Intro=12044234567Verse 1I Listen To The Wind2320308To The Wind Of My Soul30253391011Where I'll End Up, Well I Think223203012Only God Really Knows302033131415ChorusI Sat Upon The76666Setting…7…Sun16611I Never, 71766Never, Never Never761876119719I Never Wanted76666Water Once72061121I Never, 766Never,7226Never,76Never.....119723Fill24252627Verse 2I Listen To My Words23203028But They Fall Far Below302533293031I Let My Music Take Me2232030032Where My Heart Wants To Go302033333435ChorusI Swam Upon The76666Devils7366Lake11I Never, 73766Never, Never Never763876119739I'll Never Make The76666Same740Mistake61141I Never, 766Never,7426Never,76Never.....119743Ending44454647