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eBGDAE14x=879786759786757575974429786086750756406453097867575749843my momma talka to me try to tell me how to live 978675978675757597497860867507564064530978675757495my daddy he disowned me cause i wear my sisters cl978675978675757597697860867507564064530978675757497thebasketball coach he done kicked me off the team978675978675757597897860867507564064530978675757499(guitar solo)9786759786757575971097867597867575759711978608675075640645309786757574912the world is comin to an end i dont even care97867597867575759713978608675075640645309786757574914and it dont bother me if people think im funny97867597867575759715money money Money MONEY978608675075640645309786757574916201720Change tuning (R)
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