Chris De Burgh - Satin Green Shutters Chords

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Where your love is put your heart

Guard these moments well

Where your dreams are, put your hopes

You know they will not fail you

When the sun rises in the morning

You will wake up and find her yawning

When the wind blows strong and cold

She’ll be with you until you grow old

Where your love is, put your heart

For what would you do if your dreams came true?

I would build a lovely house, with satin green shutters

It would be lovely, the most lovely house in the world

And I would sing a lovely song

With you in my mind and you in my eyes

The most lovely song in the world

I would write it down on the walls just for you

Just for you

… and I would hold you in my arms

For the rest of my days

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John 3 : 16