eBGDAE1=106442345No stars in the sky0111067The night seems so dark around…13333…you83009You won't say a word011110311And wonder why no one's found you011012330113Waiting for love31001415Praying for love again310163011718=7619202122Love's a heavy weight1111323Give it to me, don't hesitate3333100024Love's a heavy thing1111325Too heavy for one heart to133330126Bring me your love310027Give me your love again11030128It's not your fault29One heart can never win, it takes30Two hearts31Two hearts just to hold……love32Two hearts33Two hearts just to hold your lo -34o - o -35o - oveYour lo -36o - o -37o - ove3839404142And if your heart should ache43Remember me44And if your heart should…4546Two……break…hearts47Two hearts, they can mend it48Heartache49Heartaches can be ended by love50By love5152Love's a heavy weight1111353Give it to me, don't hesitate3333100054Love's a heavy thing1111355Too heavy for one heart to133330156Bring me your love310057Give me your love again11030158It's not too late59One heart can never win, it takes60Two hearts61Two hearts just to hold love62Two hearts63Two hearts just to hold your lo -64o - o -65o - oveYour lo……-66o - o -67o - o -68o - ove697071Change tuning (R)