Standard (EADGBE)


Palm muted chug on the B chord


City sidewalk, bright Saturday morning

Beggar with a halo shuffles up to me

He asks me for a coin, and mumbles, "Thank you, and God bless you."

Good deeds and halos not sure what I believe.

He asks me, "Is there something I can give back to you?

How 'bout this halo for an hour or two?" And now I'm...


Sneakin' into heaven with a borrowed halo

Hopin' no one notices my broken wings

Peekin' through these gates and thinkin' Lord have mercy!

I'm never gonna make it if it's up to me!

(Repeat Intro)


'Postle Peter, taps me on my shoulder

Says, "are you lost?" I say, "Can you show me around?"

"Well, I'd be glad to! Tell me, what brings you to heaven today?"

"I've always wondered what the fuss is all about."

I feel like a kid flashin' a fake I.D.

Tryin' to slip past the Authority! And now I'm...

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey Mr. Pedro, I have a little confession

I don't belong here, and this halo isn't mine

Peter laughs and says, "Well, boy, haven't you noticed?

We've all been broken, but now we're doin' just fine!

'Cause nobody's good enough, and up here we're all the same.

We all get to heaven under Someone Else's name!"

(Repeat Chorus x2)