Chris Trapper - Perfumed Hair Chords

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Still wearing my makeup from yesterday,

I'm a corner cutting clown.

Lower the Curtain Down

There's no more crowds around.

See Mary Jane sneaking a cigarette,

Like a shadow in the room.

Watching the cloud go by

Wishing that she could fly.

This is the circus

The back stage door

Every act I've seen before

Somebody's spilling a drink on me

Somebody claimed I saved his life

Hoping he's still alright

Until tomorrow night.

In through the back door in Baltimore

From the cradle to the stage

Singing my pain away

Hoping someone relates

This is the circus

The beer soaked floor

Come take me eyes I've seen before

But when I feel all alone

When I just don't know

I hear your voice on the phone

Saying when I come home you'll be there

You say you just can't wait

But I'll be home too late

So when I find you asleep

I will turn out the lights

And kiss your perfumed hair.