Christian Bautista - Creation Chords

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I've been waiting for so long to see you

I never knew how good it cpuld feel to held you

I never imagine the one person

Could ever mean so muh but then it happen

Just like I prayed for a blessng from above



There you are what a creation, Needed my patience


Deserving all my time, Deserving all my time


So beautiful what a creation, simply amazing instantly changing my life

I realized everyday, I need you I really do

And If it always through, I still want you

And you'll always be, the whole world to me

The God's precious gift, Everytime you smile, every single kiss

I'd give my life for this

(Repeat Refrain)


And I just wanna hold you, And never let you go

And now that I have, Baby I won;t take you for grantd

Here's why you're the greatest thing, That has happened in my life

(Repeat Chorus)



Simply amazing instantly changing my life

/ RoCk En RoLL \