Christian Bautista - My Heart Has A Mind Of His Own Chords

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People try and tell me that it's crazy

You and I were never meant to be

I don't believe they know and even if it's so

I'm fallen anyway, no matter what they say


A part of me is taking me by the hand

The world can't see still

they can't understand

Why can't they understand?


My heart has a mind of its own

Right or wrong it's gonna do only

What it feels is true

I'll follow it wherever it goes

Anywhere it leads me to

– – -

My heart has a mind. . . .Mind of its own

Verse 2

Maybe we won't always be together

Maybe this'll last a thousand years

Ain’t nobody know, and even if they did

It wouldn't matter now, I'd love you anyhow

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)


My heart knows what I'm needing

My heart knows what I'm feeling

It knows me better that I know myself

My heart knows what I'm missin

All I Have to do is to listen

And Listen well.. .. ..

(Repaet chorus)