eBGDAECapo 1st fret1=764423456I know who I wanna be13151313151315¾137and that someday I'll be free13151313151315138there's a whole world waiting for my new song13131315131313131312910Ticking clock and worthless time13151313151315¾1311why these words don't ever rhyme131513131513151312hear my words and live like I would care1313131513131313151613131314Mind is quiker than the eye so1313121313131213131312131313121315step on a train that leads you nowhere13151213131512131315121313151213let ring16why to say if you mean nothing1313121313131213131312131513131317does it matter cause you're bluffing1315121313151213161313131317131318I know11121213let ringlet ring19our existense is real so111312151520we gonna be the best of all131513151315131313151313131521never forget where we come from, we all131513151315121315171315121313151213222324252627282930On one day a had idea13151313151315¾1331 made it up in my brain 131513131513151332I'm playing a game where I'll find no end131313151313131313123334Local people gather around13151313151315¾1335they sure have some things to say131513131513151336about themselves and it will last forever1313131513131313151613133738Mind is quiker than the eye so1313121313131213131312131313121339step on a train that leads you nowhere1315121313151213131512131315121340why to say if you mean nothing13131213131312131313121315131313let ring41does it matter cause you're bluffing1315121313151213161313131317131342I know111211114312our existance is real so13111110116644we gonna be the best of all131513151315131313151313131545never forget where we come from, we all1315131513151213151713151213131512134647come10948on84950Someday I'll be free_________1313121313131517161351under lemon tree________13151213131515171313111252someday I'll be free________13131213131315171613let ring53under lemon tree_____________13151213131515171313111254la-la1112111155la111256we gonna be the best of all131513151315131313151313131557never forget where we come from, we all1315131513151213151713151213131512135859606162Change tuning (R)