Cloven Hoof Of Duality - Sex In Hell Chords

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Intro... Grunge...

A (add C on and off) , C, D. x 4


) C

I'm just a lonely corpse, lyin' in my grave,


) C

Come to a crossroads, between heaven and hell,

[and so on..]

Satan sitting there, with your horny head,

Why don't you tell me now, are there any naked babes amongst

the flames.


Why don't you tell me now, is there Sex in


I Wanna, wanna, wanna know, is there Sex in Hell,

[etc.] Please, please tell me now is Sex in Hell,

They got me to ask you, is their head as well,

[intro riff x 2]

Verse 2

I don't really wanna go to heaven, but I will if I

have to.

I like fire and brimstone, but there's gotta be sin

as well,

Lucifer dont be a mute, Talk to me,

I wont give up sex for you, so tell me what I wanna


Solo ...

[all fifths are played using G B E strings as open]

[intro riff by 2 with some guitar fills here and there]

.... Chorus

End on A

Hope you enjoy,,