Coldplay - Dont Let It Break Your Heart Chords

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/ - 332000

/ - 554030

/ - 554000

(Alright, in the verses etc when it goes from G* to G2* it’s a plain slide from

the first chord to the 2nd)

If I lost the map

If I lost it all

I fell into the trap

Then she goes

When you’re tired of waiting so you just

Find that you never left the start

Come on baby, don’t let it break your heart


Heavenly regrets

Still on me though

Trying to catch a cannibal

And it’s so

Burning time


Through my days are flowing

From my shipwreck I heard a call

And she said

When you’re tired of aiming your arrows

Still you’ll never hit the mark

And even if your aims are shadows

Still we’re never gonna part

Come on baby dont let it break your heart

Don’t let it break your heart