eBGDAE1=7844234567891011121314Was a1015Verse 1long and dark December202020From the 1016rooftops I remember 242014There was 1117snow424White118snow 42419Verse 2Clearly I remember 202020From the 1020windows they were watching 242014While we 1121froze424down122below 424When the0023Chorusfuture's architectured 202020By a 1024carnival of idiots242014(6)on125show 424You'd better lie242126low 421If you7427love me 97Won't you4428let me know?75662930Was a102431Verse 3long and dark December 202020When the104432banks became cathedrals 242014And the1133fog 424Became4134God 42435Verse 4Priests clutched onto bibles 202020Hollowed1036out to fit their rifles 242014And the1137cross424was held a-41138-loft42439ChorusBury me in honor202020When I'm1040dead and hit the ground242014A love back home1141424un-142-folds421If you7443love me97Won't you4444let me know?756645462447Guitar Solo44484950wo-ho! wo-ho!(7)(7)(7)(7)51525354I don’t0255Choruswant to be a soldier202020With the1056 captain of some sinking ship with2420111157snow424far be-1158-low421So if you47459love me97Why you4460let me go?756661622463OutroI took my love down to1201224464viloet hill22165There we sat in snow2012466All that time she was2464467silent still221So if you14168love me64Won’t you1169let me know?424470If you412471love me64Won’t you114472let me know?42447374757677787980188144821483448414854486878818894490919212934494149544Change tuning (R)