eBGDAE1Section 1 Intro=120442345678910111213Section 2 Verse 1Wait just a second now971071071415Loves easier 9710716lost than found9757So717Section 3 Pre-Chorus 1learn baby learn9779Its918time to up and turn77799the other79919way920Yeah721peace baby peace9779Its922Its past time to release77799and fly away799232425Section 4 Chorus 1Once9I was107down926and couldnt see109101027Then love10928lifted me1097Yeah729love;9710it was love1073309I believe107931that love109lifted10329me733Section 5 Interlude 134353637Section 6 Verse 2Hush9not another sound71071073839Time to move up9710740to higher ground9757Now741Section 7 Pre-Chorus 2time baby time9779No942longers on our side777999so make a way7994344To745ride baby ride9779And946pull me upon high77799and fly away799474849Section 8 Chorus 2Once9I was107down950and couldnt see109101051Then love10952lifted me1097Yeah753love;9710it was love1073549I believe107955that love109lifted10569me757Section 9 Interlude 2585960Dont961Section 10 Bridge 1push me,87dont shove me987Dont93362make me go879down in873363flames96465Pull me to safety87987and93366help me87To feel no more98793367pain96869oh770oh9Come on just lift me up987987172Come on just lift me up9879873Come on just lift me up987987475Section 11 Guitar Solo 17677787980818283Section 12 Guitar Break 184858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107Section 13 OutroFade108109110111112113114Change tuning (R)