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eBGDAE1Intro=132442345678910111213Couplet 1The …1…things that you say144411not be to my taste,115442116the…1…words of a veteran.172113118Now say to me 13191120‘ You’re included’.112131The things that I do122441may not …11…be to your taste,23442124the125acts of an idiot.21133126Now come to me,13271128I’ll accept …11…that.293130I’d never come looking for trouble.1312131313213334I’m just exercising my right,1135211133613738RefrainMy right to an explanation,44139414140I've discarded the one I was given,1111141112114243It carried too little weight.131101444546We learned to rise …441…above it,47414148have seen the strings11111149on the hands of the puppets1121150that tell us how to behave.151131101525354Transition555657585960616263646566Couplet 2And by the 144time the tides …11… of the ocean671442168had cradled me in their arms,1692113170God tried to kill me.1712131727374I mind the time1441the winds of17514the4country247677helped me run faster,2213178I flew through the village17921131808182That said I’d come looking for trouble,1832131318418586when I was exercising my…111…right.87211138818990RefrainMy right to an …441…explanation,91414192I've discarded the one I was given,1111193112119495It carried too little weight.131101969798We learned to rise above it,441994141100have seen the strings111111101on the hands of the puppets11211102that tell us how to behave.1103131131104105106Transition 2Who wrote the letter?1133107Who wrote the letter?1133108Who wrote the letter?11331109Who wrote it?531110Who wrote the letter?1133111Who wrote the letter?1133112Who wrote the letter?11331113Who wrote it?531114Who wrote the letter?81816363115Who wrote the letter?81816363116Who wrote the letter?8181636341117Who wrote it?856341118Who wrote the letter?81816363119Who wrote the letter?81816363120Who wrote the letter?8181636341121Who wrote it?856341122RefrainMy right to an …11411481…explanation,12311413611481124gale force come take me to another8181818141125818181928141126127settlement far away.201183161161150161128129130Our God exiled from heaven,1141148113111413611481132banished like a drunk from his …8181818141…other,1338181928141134a picture torn from it’s frame.813520118316116115015¼½1136137138Change tuning (R)
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