Standard (EADGBE)

Tweedly, tweedly, tweedly-dee..I'm as happy as can be.

Jimminy Crickets, Jimminy make my heart go

clickety clack.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedly-dee.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, you gonna keep that

honey you've got?

Hunkies, hunkies fish that bite..I'm gonna see my baby tonight.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedlee-dot.


Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedle-dee..

Give it up, give it up, give your love to me.

Tweedlee dot, tweedlee dot..give me, give me, give me, give me,

give me all the love you got..Humty-ump, bum, bum.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedlee-dum..I'm a lucky so and so.

Hubba, hubba, honey do..I'm a gonna get my eyes on you.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedlee dum.



Tweedlee dum, tweedlee dum..give that kiss to me before you go.

Tweedlee dum, tweedlee dum..looky, looky, looky, look at that

sugar plum..humty um, bum, bum.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedlee're as sweet as bubble gum.

Mercy, mercy puddin'n''ve got somethin' that money can't buy.

Tweedlee, tweedlee, tweedlee dum.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.