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This is a tab of "Lenders in the Temple" (aka "That's My Fault" and
"Money Lenders") as performed live at The 400 Bar before the release of
the studio album. The official album was released just a few days after I
finished tabbing this "bootleg" performance, but luckily the versions
only differ slightly; the chords will work for playing the studio version
but some of the words and licks are different.

*The riffs I've tabbed out are more for you to get the proper bass/melody
line rather than accurate strumming patterns.
*I dont think Conor plays riff 7, but it sounds like it should be there.
*I tabbed this out completely by ear so please don't get upset if it's
not perfect.


Standard Tuning
Capo 6 [Sounding Eb harmonic minor)]

CHORDS USED: (pay attention to the letter cases)
Am:    x02210
Am7/e: xx2010 (could also count as a C/e for those who care)
e:     xx2100
E:     022100
E7:    020100 or 022130 (hard to tell which he uses)
f:     xx3211
F:     133211
fM7:   xx3210 (also known as Fmaj7)
C:     x32010
G:     320033
D5/A:  x0023x (should be a Dm following the harmonic minor scale but
               Conor omits the 3rd to give it a sorta power chord feel)


  Riff 1: 						   Riff 2:
  Asus4 Am  e7   e   fM7  Am7/e C       fM7  Am7/e C  Am7  E   E7
e ------------------------------0-0-0-0------------------- 0------------|
B ---3-p1-----3-p0----1-1--1-1--1-1-1-1--1-1--1-1--1-1--1- 0-0-3-p0-0-0-|
G -------2---1----1---2-2--0-0--0-0-0-0--2-2--0-0--0-0--0- 1-1-1--1-1-1-|
D --2-----2-2------2-3----2-----2-2-2-2-3----2-----2-2--2- 2-2-2-p0-0-0-|
A -0---------------------------3------------------3----0-- 2--------2-2-|
E -------------------------------------------------------- 0--------0---|

  Riff 3:     Riff 4:            Riff 5:        Riff 6:        Riff 7:
   f           Bb?     G          F   G          F   C          G   D5/A
e -----!      -----------!       -------!       -------!       -------!
B -----!      (3?)-------!       -------!       -------!       -------!
G -----!      (3?)-------!       -------!       -------!       -------!
D -3-2-!      (3?)-------!       -------!       -------!       -------!
A -----!      -0h1v1-0---!       ---0---!       ---0-3-!       -----0-!
E -----!      ---------3-!       -1---3-!       -1-----!       -3-0---!

  Riff 8:        Riff 9:     Riff 10:    Riff 11:    Riff 12:   Riff 13:
   G              D5/A G      F   G       E   F      D5/A G      F   G
e -----------!   -------!    -------!    -------!    -------!   -------!
B -----------!   -------!    -------!    -------!    -------!   -------!
G -0h2v2v2-0-!   -------!    -------!    -------!    -------!   -------!
D -----------!   ---2-0-!    -------!    -2-0---!    -0-----!   -------!
A -----------!   -0-----!    ---3---!    -------!    ---3-2-!   -------!
E -----------!   -------!    -1---3-!    -----1-!    -------!   -1-1-3-!


Intro: [riff 1] [riff 2 x2] [riff 1] [riff 2 x2]

Am               e
Short delay, the parrot blues
f             C
Little voices mimicking
     e                            fM7  Am7/e
It's not so hard to make that sound
   Am                   e
So watch your back, The Ides of March
f                  C
Cut your hair like Joan of Arc
e				     fM7  Am7/e f
Disguise your will; they'll find you out
    [riff 3]  E7 [riff 2 x4]
And when they do...
      F  [Riff 4] G
Look out

	      F         [riff 5] G
There's money lenders inside the temple
           F            [riff 6]    C
The circus tiger's gonna break your heart
             G       [riff 7] D5/A
Something so wild turned into paper
     F               [riff 13] G [riff 8] [riff 1] [riff 2 x2]
If I loved you, well that's my fault

Am                 e
Bitchin' heat, the alpha male
f                   C
Not something she'd ever tell,
e                           fM7  Am7/e
Except when she got deathly high
    Am                e
And out it came, like summer rain
f                   C
Washed the cars and everything
     e                       fM7   Am7/e  f
Felt clean for just a little while
[riff 3] E7 [riff 2 x4]     F [riff 4] G
A    telethon... We drunk dialed

                 F                    [riff 5]G
There's starving children; they ain't got no mother
             F               [riff 6]C
There's pink flamingos living in the mall
           G          [riff 7] D5/A
I'd give a fortune to your infomercial
         F               [riff 5]G
If somebody would just take my call
[riff 8]D5/A [riff 9] G
Take my call
        D5/A [riff 9] G
Take my call

Patterns in my mind now moving slow
Sorrow all across the surface rolls
Smoothing out the edges of the stone
The lights are out; where'd everybody go?
F     [riff 4] [riff 1] [riff 2 x2]

Am                 e
Erase yourself and you'll be free
f                 C
Mandala destroyed by the sea
e                     f   Am7/e
All we are is colored sand
   Am              e
So pay to ride the ferris wheel
f               C
Smile, all that you can feel
   e                      fM7  Am7/e  f
is gratitude for what has been
      [riff 3]E7 [riff 2 x4]
'Cause it did not
    F [riff 4] G

              F         [riff 5] G
There's money lenders inside the temple
           F             [riff 13]G
The circus tiger's gonna break my heart
             E       [riff 11]F
Something so wild turned into paper
     D5/A            [riff 12] G
If I loved you, well that's my fault

              F       [riff 5]   G
There's money lenders inside the temple
             F        [riff 10]G
This crystal city's gonna fall apart
               E       [riff 11]F
When all their power turns into vapor
     D5/A           [riff 12] G
If I miss you, well that's my fault
          D5/A [riff 9]  G
That's my fault
          D5/A [riff 9]  G
That's my fault


   C(strum a few x) G(strum a few x) D5/A(strumx)F5  C
e -0----------------3----------------x---------------0--!
B -1----------------3----------------3---------------1--!
G -0-0h2-2-2-0h2p0--0----------------2---------------0--!
D -2----------------0-0h2-2-2-0h2p0--0-----------3---2--!
A -3--------------3-2--------------2-0-0h2v2v2-0-3---3--!
E ------------------3----------------------------1-0----!

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