Crash Test Dummies - In The Days Of The Caveman Chords

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When you go on camping trips,

You're stuck right out in nature.

Foraging the forests like a primate.

Using sharpened tools instead of hot plates


Your thumb and forefinger

Sometimes when I lie awake,

when I finally get to sleep,

supposed to show you're not a wild beast.

I hear the rainfall on my tent fly.

I dream in Techni color.

You can hear their noises at night time

I think of all the insects that are sleeping,

I see creatures come back from the Ice Age

They don't have to keep a certain bed time.

and wonder if the animals are dreaming.

alive and being fed inside a zoo cage.


See in the shapes of my body

leftover parts from the apes and monkeys

[Extended Chorus (play 2nd and 3d time through)]

In the days of the caveman,

and mammoths, and glaciers.

Bugs and trees were your food then

no pajamas, or doctors.