eBGDAE1=12044234We will catch that guy0003356He is running away0003337Hey..there he is121212128Fire in the hole17171717910You can't get me suckers!1212121212111212Let's run we'll get him!1212121212121314Faster1717151617I'm too tired, I can't run anymore17171717171717171718171920Oh.. helicopter17171717172122Now we'll catch him easily1717171717171723Get your guns!17171724Don't shoot me asshole0000250262728Fuck! Out of ammos!171717171729303132I got him, I have no ammos but I have my fists00000003300000034=2003536373839Of, he was hard fighter=12000000040You didn't catch me now000334142I will run away00033343Hahahahahahahaha!242424242424242444Suckeeers!!!24045Oh fuck.. they caught me!5555546