eBGDAE1Intro=704423VerseA court is in ses - sion,022330a 34ver-dict_ is in.__33035No appeal on the docket today,__ just333333000336my own sin.___0037The walls cold_ and pale,_33300the38cage made_ of steel._00239Screams fill__ the room_33003A-310lone, I drop_ and kneel.__0002311Si-lence now the sound, _333303my312breath the on - ly mo - tion a - round.0000000313De-mons clut - tering a - round,_33333003my314face show-ing no e - mo - tion.000000315Shack-led by_ my sen-tence,333000ex-316pect-ing no___ return.__0002317Here there is__ no pen-ance.3330000My318skin be-gins to burn.__00023I said.......111119ChorusOh.______________________________________12021022___2¼And I___said111123Oh.______________________________________124250262¼27Interlude2829VerseI hear thunder in the distance3333300030300See a vision of a cross00023333310I feel the pain that was given on a333330000332sad day of loss0002333A lion roars in the darkness333200only he holds the key0003340002335A light to free me from my burden333333000336And grant me life eternally0030003337Pre-ChorusShould have been dead1111333on a138Sunday morning, banging my head311131¼39No time for mourning111312Ain't got no time.140311241Should have been dead1111333on a142A Sunday morning, banging my head311131243No time for mourning 111312Ain't got 144no time.. 3112And I Said111145ChorusOh.______________________________________…14647048___2¼And I___said111149Oh.______________________________________…150510522¼53Solo545556I157cry out to God seeking only his decision31011131111583Gabriel stands and confirms111311111593I created my own prison11110202060I161cry out to God seeking only his decision31011131111623Gabriel stands and confirms 11131111163i've created my own prison311110202064And I Said...111165ChorusOh...........166670683¼1111691707110723¼1111732074375Should have been dead on a Sunday morning, banging1111333176=4531113my haed3177No time for mourning Ain't got no 111312178time.............31179Change tuning (R)