Cross Canadian Ragweed - Other Side Chords

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Gettin' tired of looking over my shoulder

Tired of walkin' around alone

Gettin' used to myself gettin' older

But not accustomed to gettin' spit on

I've been takin' too much lately

And myself not takin' my share

So watch out steppin' stone walkin' over me

Well I've had it up to here, I've had it up to here.


Spent my whole life lookin' back

Not lookin' ahead to see

Trying to keep my feet on track

Doin' what was expected of me

Kick my shoes off so they can't trace me

Leave no forwarding address

Before they all drive me crazy

And I leave 'em all in a bloody mess


Everybody gonna eat my dust

I gotta move so I won't rust

Got me a one way ticket to the other side

And I gotta ride

Maybe folks will think I'm dead

Maybe even change my name

Maybe they'll forget about me

Forget that I even came

I'll come back one day just watch me

Back when I think I deserve

You know they're all gonna drive me

Yeah they're gonna drive me to a ball of nerves