Cross Canadian Ragweed - Soul Agent Chords

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Intro chords

Rosie cooks with love, 5 bucks a plate

And she'll cook for you if you don't show up too late

Cause when you're feelin' low down, as empty as a hole

Go to Rosie's cafe, she'll nourish your soul


Cause she's a soul agent for the USA

She'll be here tomorrow

After she gets through today. yeah

I know this girl who makes her dollars one at a time

She folds them lay aways under her pantie line

She wears crushed purple velvet, she's swimmin' in my mind

She's doin' what she wants to get herself by

Chorus twice


Yours is the only soul you can know

And yours is the only road you can go

The finest people that you'll meet yeah

Is just a man on the street

And there's a fellow i know, he moves like the shifting sands

He earns his daily bread with his own two hands

When the weight on your shoulders is wearing you down

Well he'll do his best to bring you around

Chorus twice