eBGDAE1intro=75682345678910111213141516171819202122232425verse 1if you 've22226got something left to say0224227you 'd better say it now222280442930anything but stay0224231just…2…say it now3204433we know we've reached the end2340224235we just don't…22…know how3604437well at least we 'll still be friends22380224239yeah one last…422…useless vow4004441one last useless vow444242243444546474849verse 2There are different ways to live22500224251yeah I know that stuff222520445354other ways to give0224255yeah all that stuff25604457but…2…holding onto used to be580224259is not enough26004461262memory's not life0224263and it's not in love422640446566chorus 1we should let it all go0002367268it never stays the same0020269470so why does it hurt me like this442371322272when you say that I've3330273changed ?074when you say that I 've aged ?3330275076say I'm afraid 32377078798081828384858687888990919293verse 3and all the tears…222…you cry9402295there's not tears for me22296044497regrets…2…about your life980224299they're not regrets for me22210004444101it never22102turns out how you want022242103why cant you see2104044105it all just slips away2210602242107it always slips away210802242109eventually4110guitar solo422111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125verse 4so if you've got nothing left to say222212602242127just say…2…goodbye128044129130turn your face away02242131and say goodbye2132044133you know we reached the end213402242135you just don't know why22136044137and you know we can't pretend2213802242139after all this time422140044141142chorus 2so just let it all go000231432144nothing ever stays the same002021454146so why does it hurt me like this44231473222148to say that I've changed ?33021490150to say that I 've aged ?33021510152say I'm afraid 3231530154outrobut there are222155long2long2nights when I lay awake202156200and I think of what I've done2215724240158of how I've thrown my sweetest dreams away4159222220160200and what I've…222…really become1612242162and however hard I try2016302200164I will always…42…feel regrets16522204166however hard I try216702200168I will never…22…forget1692202170I will never forget221712202172I will never…22…forget1732202174Change tuning (R)