Danger Mouse - Problem Queen Chords

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* x4


Help me through this déjà vu

This crazy state of shock

Have you seen the problem queen

She's never far away

Away from me


And it seems all a dream

Some sad luxury

Of when I escaped

It's just I...

Can't see through this hazy view

And all the doors are locked

We're only alive when we can be

Defectors from the clock

The clock of all time

She comes and she goes

But where no one knows

And when Her Highness grows

She shakes me

La la la la la la la la

La la la la la

I wake up and you're gone from me

This lonely share of shock

Helps me to imagine you

But more often than not, I'm all alone.

(when you say "lone" of "alone", you play nothing, just stop G chord abruptly, it's the

end of the song)