Daniel Arvitson - Newcastle Song Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo


Oh Newcastle Whoooooaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whooooaaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whooooaaaaa It's so beautiful my dear, and they can bury me here (Something), show, bucks night Pub crawls in a double decker and Dickheads, in a fight Probably over someone's hair Cos the J-R is rockin' hard The black Tshirts and mini-skirts Jump club, fann-oi's Can we get a cab cos my feet hurt? With 'Khe Sanh' on the radio And orange shit in the sky The tourist grabs his road map, Says 'where the f*** am I?'


Well it's time to head, it's getting ugly Shit-faced people with the munchies Migrate to maccas or hamburger haven for beer and (something) and egg and bacon And the bogie hole for skinny dipping (somehting here), carpark kissing Some are sightseeing, some I bet are At John Hunter nine months later With thirty-thousand people screaming 'Go the Knights!' The footballer looks around him, Says 'where the f*** am I?' Oh Newcastle Whooooaaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whoooooaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whoooaaaaa It's so beautiful Who's been to the beaches on a Sunday night Newcastle Whoooooaaaaaa And who's driven over Stockton bridge to see the city lights at night Newcastle Whoooooaaaaa Cos I've been to Nobby's to watch the dawn And nearly pissed my pants from a ship's foghorn Ooooooooooo Oh Newcastle Whooooaaaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whoooooaaaaaa Yeah Newcastle Whoooooaaaaa Yeah Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle Whoooooaaaaa

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