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eBGDAE1Intro=138442345Verse 1oh please 116get away from me420027get away11289i dont1110want you here to stay42002111213I have1114loved you once310but315you broke my heart into55353116cant be true00217i dont1118know what to do4200219i dont1120know what you do42002212223Chorusi never111243understood10what325you could want from him?55353126I love you00227what do1428you want from him?2002293031Break32333435Verse 2I'd do1136ev'rything for you4200237I'd really do1123839It's not just11140what I say to you42002414243I re-1144member nights310when345we just u - u - sed to sit55353146somewhere out00247talk - ing1148a- bout fe- e - lings4200249talk - ing1150about our dreams42002515253Chorusi never111543understood10what355you could want from him?55353156I love you00257what do1458you want from him?2002596061Break62636465Verse 3did I1166really lose my mind?4200267may I did1126869and i1170know why I lost it42002717273but I'll1174never lose310the375hope that you will come back55353176in the end00277hoping1178you'll come back to me4200279waiting1180here for you to be42002818283Chorusi never111843understood10what385you could want from him?55353186I love you00287what do1488you want from him?2002899091Outroi never111923understood10what393you could want from him?55353194I love you00295what do1496you want from him?200297what do1498you want from him?200299what do14100you want from him?2002101
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