Darius Rucker - In A Big Way Chords

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I signed up to see this world

Through the windows of buses and planes

Ever since they called my number

I've been living in the fast lane

Yeah it's a dream come true I'm a lucky man

And I love this roll I'm on

But I do run out of gas

Can only run so fast so long ('til)


I need some front porch rockin'

Some back road walkin'

Some sittin' 'round talkin' 'bout nothin'

I need some screen door slammin'

Some home made jam and

Some biscuits cookin' in the oven

I need a little fun with my little ones

A little gospel on Sunday

I need some hangin' 'round my little town

In a big way

I may wake in the mornin' in Dallas

I went to bed in Tennessee

I need someone tellin' me where I am sometimes

And where I'm supposed to be

Sometimes I wanna be George Jones

Sometimes Charlie Pride

But all I want to be right now

Is with my baby tonight (cause)

[Repeat Chorus]

You know I can't complain

I love this crazy dream but

[Repeat Chorus]

I need to take it slow

I need some winding down

I need my little town

And I need it now

In a big way

In a big way