eBGDAE1Intro=13744234567891011Verse 112I can't get rid of you033332213I314don't know what to do32030315I316don't even know who is growing on who52222220317518Yeah3Yeah30219Verse 2'Cause220everywhere I go you're there3330302221I322can't get you out of my hair2225225233I324can't pretend that I don't care5222253525It's not fair223265327Bridge 1I'm being punished33333for328all my offences233325329I wanna touch you but I'm333333330'fraid of the consequences233322231I wanna banish you from333333032whence you came, but you're part32255333of me now, and I've3222234only got myself to 223225335Chorus 1blame336You're really growing on253352537me238You're really growing on10101077539me12540Any fool can14141414341see1410124243Verse 344Sleepin' in an empty bed333333245I346can't get you off my head222525473And348I won't have a life until your dead52222253495Yeah, you heard22350what I said25351Bridge 2I wanna shake you off but you3333333352just won't go23325353And you're all over me but I3333333354don't want anyone to know233532255That you're attached to me, that's333333056how you've grown, won't you leave32255257me, leave me, leave me5527558alone3359Chorus 260You're really growing on253352561me262You're really growing on10101077563me12564Any fool can14141414365see14101266Ahhh!12fullfullfullfull67Break68697071Guitar Solo7273747576777879Chorus 380You're really growing on253352581me282You're really growing on10101077583me12584Ahhh!108586752572587Outro3888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110Change tuning (R)