Dave Dudley - Keep On Truckin Chords

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In life there's many hills to climb and sometimes you'll get in a blind

But the day will come, that will bring you luck

Don't live too fast just set your place when it's over you'll win that race

So hang on boys keep on truckin'


Keep on truckin' till you reach the top

Yeah, keep them wheels a rollin' don't ever let 'em stop

Tell old bad luck that you ain't buyin' you can't fail if you'll keep tryin'

Hang on friend keep on truckin'

In life there's lots of little games no one will ever take the blame

For the bad, only the the good

So be yourself no need to fake it for life's no more then what you make it

So hang on boy keep on truckin'

Ref x2...

I said hang on gang, keep on truckin'

hey, hang on world and keep on truckin'

I say hang in there, we'll keep on truckin'

let me tell you boys, just keep on truckin'