Dave Edmunds - Standing At The Crossroads Text Guitar Tab

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standing at the crossroads - dave edmunds  (46) 139bps

b                   e
i'm standing at the crossroads again
b                                                    f#
with an empty heart and a dollar ten
maybe i'll run into some famous name
robert johnson or elmore james
B                   F#                           B
i'm standing at the crossroads again

well i woke up this morning like i usually do
my baby wasn't no where around 
i looked in the kitchen and i looked in the hall
in my slippers and dressing gown
when i heard the  (unintelligible)     no where around
i guess i think she don't love me no more
i guess i'm not the man she's looking for
f#                               b
i'm just the man she found


here i am on my own again
where did i go wrong this time
i treat her good like a gentlemen should
and never ever step out of line
well i'm no kid - i know my way around
6 feet 3 and weigh 200 pounds
but i can't hold no romance down
maybe i should give up trying

i'm a stand - chorus