Dave Melillo - For The Sake Of Remembering Text Guitar Tab

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The chords are only slightly different from the song as far as sound goes but I think 
they fit pretty nicely. I couldn't figure out accurately names for some of the chords but 
is my first tab so please go easy on me. haha. Let me knoe of any mistakes. Enjoy! ^_^

Listen to the strumming pattern and you easily figure out how the chords flow.
A6/9 [X44200]
Asus2 [x00200]
D [XX0323]
Dsus2 [xx0230]
*Dsus2 [xx0220]
Bm [x24432] or [xx0321]
G [320001]
*G [320000]
G6 [320033](optional)

A6/9 Dsus2 *Dsus2 Asus2 x2

Verse 1
A6/9                           Dsus2      *Dsus2 Asus2
So many obvious questions have gone unasked
A6/9                               Dsus2     *Dsus2 Asus2
How can you stand and where do you fall so fast?
Your taking a step, and your taking a breath
You never expect that the answer was death
A6/9                      Dsus2
Cause this truth is oddly true

Bm                             *G                 (G6)
Nights that you found her, and days spent without her
    Dsus2                     *Dsus2
Make everything feel like its slipping away
       Bm                    *G             (G6) Dsus2     *Dsus2
As you scream, this world is far, this world is far from ours


same as verse 1

After sometime I imagine you sleep alright
Until times that you hear her voice at night
Your telling yourself that its all in your head
Shes out on the porch, and your closer to dead
Cause' its not what you deserve

same as before



(use the chords from the chorus)

The picture frame on the dark beige wall
Holds a picture of someone you've held before
And now shes nowhere to be seen
The picture frame on the dark beige wall
Holds a picture of someone you've held before
And now shes no where to be seen

same as before

    Bm  G  D  *Dsus2
You know