Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

Sittin' on a riverboat, havin' a party

Me and my Cajun Queen

She's turnin' twenty-one on the Mississippi river

Headin' down to New Orleans

The year is 1894

Oh come on mama and love me some more

Her dark eyes flash like a gambler's rings

She shakes her pretty head and sings


Life for me is a riverboat fantasy

Watchin' the sun go down

A rock and roll band with a reefer in my hand

Now look at that wheel go around

Cocaine kisses and moonshine Misses

That's the life for me

I'm sailing away from my heartache

On a riverboat fantasy

Verse 2

Can't think, can't drink anymore whisky

I could'a drunk a river dry

Mmmmm...this old boat she's

Just sittin' in the moonlight

Catchin' the gleam in her eye

Showers of rain come pourin' down

The sky full of stars like a French lace gown

Shimmer, glimmer I think I'm gonna fall

Whoops catch me mama, that's all

Repeat chorus


Verse 3

Delta sun beats down like a hammer gives the low down blues

I've got a cotton gin. I'll weave and spin

And shake the dust from my shoes

I made my money, I found me a honey

To tickle me under my chin

When mornin' comes I'll ride into town

And worry 'bout the shape I'm in

Repeat chorus