Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

Got a deadly toy

To brainwash your boy

An egocentric muscle thug

Kicks butt on screen like a brat outa hell

Bullshitter in the Indochina shop

Pull the string in his back, we win the war

That we never should, have started at all

Verse 2

A cabbage patch terrorist to call our own

Who rewrites history with a machine gun

Don't think about it Kill it

That's what we teach your child




Rambozo the clown



Rambozo the clown


Verse 3

To draft age kids

It sure looks like fun

"Kill 'em all

And let God sort 'em out

Like video games no mess

Just fuel for a mass lapse of common sense

You can be Don Quixote

We'll dice you with our windmill blades

Brawn over brain, means a happy ending

Verse 4

G.I. Joe in the cereal bowl

Grey shrapnel-flavored chewing gum

Mass murder ain't just painless

Now we've made it cute



War is sexy

War is fun

Iron Ego

Red Dawn

Be a wolverine you'll rule the hills

Just get some guns and Cheerios

Any kid can conquer Libya

Just steal a fighter plane

Verse 5

Look who came home in a wheelchair

V.A. Hospital, they don't care

We're the machine you're just a tool

Who fell for the myth



Hey Rocky, watch me pull a massacre outa my pants!