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Black Dahlia MurderBring Me The HorizonHeaven Shall BurnRevenanceArrsDagonVeil Of MayaParoxysmHertz And SilenceFrontsideThrough The Eyes Of The DeadMortal TreasonSleeveWithout A NameRape Of LucreceSuicide SilenceAfter The BurialAll Shall PerishAnnotations Of An AutopsyAs Blood Runs BlackBeneath The MassacreBhayanak MautBorn Of OsirisDance Club MassacreDead Man In RenoThy Art Is MurderIwrestledabearonceEmmureDespised IconAbigail WilliamsAntagonyAphotic MurderArise And RuinArsonists Get All The GirlsAs Eden BurnsAt The Throne Of JudgmentAutoscanBeneath The SkyCarnifexCatalepsyConducting From The GraveWhitechapelChelsea GrinDivine HeresyElysiaEternal LordEvery Bridge BurnedEvitaEyes Of A TraitorFive Star Prison CellFor The Fallen DreamsForever In TerrorFrom A Second Story WindowFrom The ShallowsGlass CasketHere Comes The KrakenI Killed The Prom QueenIgnominious IncarcerationImpending DoomIn Twilights EmbraceInside ConflictJob For A CowboyJohnny TruantJungle RotKillwhitneydeadKnights Of The AbyssOceanoMaleficeWinds Of PlagueBleed From WithinThrust MomentFallen FigureSalt The WoundDrawn In BloodSins Of The WatchmenNullSeconds From DisasterInsane HateBlind WitnessExtricateBelie My BurialBurn StillClosed CasketBless The FallenBrother Von DoomPostmortem PromisesOcean Has EyesTomorrow Never ComesStill Haunts MeGreta KnightsEmily RoseThis Is Not A Game Of Who The Fuck Are YouSanctity In SilenceMy Bitter EndMychildren MybrideNeaeraNightshadePitbulls In The NurseryReturn From ExileRose FuneralSea Of TreacherySee You Next TuesdaySenecaSummers EndAcacia StrainHunt For Ida WavePartisan TurbineRed ChordRed ShoreUnderneath The GunViatrophyWaking The CadaverWe Butter The Bread With ButterWith Blood Comes CleansingWith Faith Or FlamesA Plea For PurgingSuffokateAttilaCrimson ArmadaBoy Will DrownBetraying The MartyrsWithin The RuinsConfideMiss May IAmarna ReignIn The Midst Of LionsA Different Breed Of KillerA Black Rose BurialA Fallen TheoryAbel Is DyingAzrielAnthem Of DeathBurning The MassesBlonkCircle Of ContemptCross And BlackwellDead ElizabethFateFuck The FactsAnimosityArbiterBurning SkiesBurn In SilenceDrakmaDismantleFury Never FadesGenocide Of PrescriptionI Declare WarJet Black PromiseJeromeMan Must DieMare TenebrarumMartyr DefiledManhattan ProjectMolotov SolutionRings Of SaturnDead Silence Hides My CriesPainted In ExileHester PrynneParadise In ExileWhat Lies BeneathWorld We KnewHaribo Macht Kinder FrohFrom Us To SunsetNo More HeroesHanni KohlIntake Of GlassFacing The GallowsSteve IrwinAilmentNastyAnimaGodless CrusadeState Of East LondonKids Will Be SkeletonsAll My Friends At SeaMonstersNetfastcoreOur ReflectionsPergamumSleeping GiantSon Of AureliusSlice The CakeSumatraContortionistTaking Your Last ChanceTexas In JulyBridal ProcessionAnalystBand ApartLast FelonyStorm PicturesqueTight RopeWar From A Harlots MouthPlot In YouWoe Of TyrantsWe Are The IllusionWalking With StrangersWretchedWe Are The EndEndworldHaarp MachineUpon A Burning BodyDefilerSoullessFobiumYears Since The StormForever Ends TodayMy AutumnEyelessEase Of DisgustEris Is My HomegirlDevil Came On HorsebackSilent HavocNancialSystematic CollapseAnd Hell Followed WithAscariasisBrowningDesign The SkylineMake Them SufferAs Oceans BurnDepthsDrop The SilenceApostateDense Red DropsFallujahLeons MassacreShores Of ElysiumAbove ThisAllay The SeaDay Of RemissionOne More VictimPoint Below ZeroAversion CrownLoreleiAristeiaForget My SilenceFarewell DreamerDeathcoreХолодOrchestrate The EndAgainst ToleranceSworn InIdolsBarrierBreeding ViolenceInfant AnnihilatorMorphine SufferingStrangersTheiaSentinelArcadia LibreSunquakeInhollowRegain The LegacyDespite ExileNexilvaShoot The Girl FirstVector Of UndergroundHideosityVale Of PnathUnansweredBlessing LiesHumanity's Last BreathFall Over The SinsSignal The Firing SquadApparitionsDiskreetSeraphim VeilAversions CrownDelusions Of GrandeurCurse At 27Shake Well BeforeYesterday I Had RoadkillFuck You And DieMister Sister FisterReaping AsmodeiaSarah Where Is My TeaIncandescentFit For An AutopsyVilisPlanetary DivideBefore I WakeNocturnal BloodlustSilent UprisingDaarchleaLorna ShoreZenith PassageBroken StringAenimusVulvodyniaDysphoriaI Hate HumanitySo This Is SufferingSlaughter To PrevailLolita ScornedDisfigured EleganceAt Long LastBefore The TornJack KetchOh!Your Cynical SanityJohn WayneRosewoodNoinuMissouri QuietBlack TongueAbioticOutlawRaven AutarchySigns Of The SwarmAcraniaI ExaltBring Me The HorizontDissonance In DesignAcraniusBlack Crown InitiateOklahoma Caddy ShackLast Chance To ReasonSentenced To DeathOut Of YesteryearJared DinesHoly GuilePrometheeSouthern OracleVoiceless LocationWithin DestructionRivers Of NihilInceptionHenkerChris StoreyAngelmakerConcealed RealitySerpentine DominionStained BloodBeast RemadeAlpha WolfWhoretopsyObliterateShadow Of IntentMedea RisingAs Hope DiesTear Out The HeartScourgeCurrentsEnterprise EarthObeliskVarialsCold Blooded MurderChainsaw CastrationDeltaDexcoreWhen Forever EndsKalopsiaIn Dying ArmsSpiteCenturionMy Bitter HalfDeviloofSanctionHollow WorldDistantReckoningEyes Wide ShutFire From The GodsTraitorsRefugeHollow ProphetFuming MouthPorphyriaSuggestionsGravemindGates Of AsuraKuzaEat A HelicopterSolar EruptionPlaguebringerGrindcoreConceptsWormholeVisceraBrand Of Sacrifice