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eBGDAE1=160642Execution Day44345678910Verse 1Sentenced to death, the verdict is here5555533115555312Take all my memories which gave me this fear5313543313444353314Before they will take me to hell on this seat5555553315555553316Surrender ur thoughts to my personal 5313533317defeat13123181920212223242526ChorusDeth has made22527a reservation for me67875022829goodbye my friends, this is it67875023031the end of days for me6787023233on my Execution Day67777534Interlude735363738Verse 2Sentenced to death, the verdict is here5555533395555"You've…333…got the wrong guy I swear it wasn't me"4053135433414443Before they will take me to hell on this chair533425555553343555553344I leave 'em in doubt and with evil despair53135333451312346Interlude4748495051525354ChorusDeth has made22555a reservation for me67875025657goodbye my friends, this is it67875025859the end of days for me6787026061on my Execution Day67777562Bridge763646566-Spoken- The last seconds2222222267are fading575757575757I must be strong5757687777my strength won't leave me77777777777769474747474747474770It comes222222to an end227157but I'll be back5757575757575772and someone's777777777777777773gonna pay hehehe474747474774Solo757677787980818283848586878889909192939495969798
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