Devendra Banhart - Hows About Tellin A Story Text Guitar Tab

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e --------3---------1---------0--------0h2------------|
B -------3-3---------0---------1------3---3-----------|
G ------0---0-----2---2-----0---0---2------2----------|
D ---------------1---------2-------0------------------|       x2
A ------------0h2-------0h3---------------------------|
E ---0h3----------------------------------------------|

      G           B7         C          D
Well, hows about tellin a story
G                 B7         C         D
One thats really about somebody
G        B7           C            D
What they saw and what they did
D                     D7
    How they died and how they lived

G            B7            C             D
By the time I found a name I moved onto another game
G            B7             C            D
Called write a song, toes and spines, god damn
G               B7             C          D
Now I cant think of any story lines
         D                                   D7
But you know Id love to try and sing about a person, place, or thing

G         D#7              G              D#7
Mansonite and the Wolfman, Katmandu, and Honest Abe
G                  D#7             G                        D#7
Something happens up in Tucson and then it happens again in Maine
G       B7      C            D       G
San Francisco, sweet thing, ladedada na!