Standard (EADGBE)

We're going on a holiday, now

Gonna take a villa or a small chalet

Costa Del (?), magnifico,

You know the cost of living's so low


Yeah, gonna be so neat

Dance, to the Euro-beat

Yeah, gonna be so cool

Twistin' by the (twisting-by-the)

Twistin' by the (twisting-by-the), by the pool

Twistin' by the pool

Twistin' by the pool (twistin' by the pool)

Twistin' by the pooooool

Verse 2

Sitting in a small cafe now

Swing-swing-swinging to the cabaret

Wanna see a movie, take in a show

Meet new people at the disco, yeah

Repeat chorus

And we can still get information

Reading all about inflation

And you're never gonna be out of reach

There's a clubhouse on the beach

one, two, -one--two--three--four


Same chords as verse

Mmmm, you're gonna look so cute

Sunglasses, bathing suit

Be the lady of my dreams

Like the ladies in the magazines

Repeat chorus and fade

Note : I use a regular D chord with the first E string open for

D/E - sounds close, anyway.