eBGDAECapo 1st fret1intro=1324423456789101112131415verse 1lies0demand3316another 220lie017no3matter3182how2I0try51920wish I could disappear000552212223down0the only33242way is 20down025my face3326down on the ground22052728what am I doing here ?000552293031chorus 1and if I could stop the…3…clocks3235531233if I could make this moment mine33435532135I'd make the most336355of537a1bad 3time23839I wish I could stop the clocks34035531241and wash away those…3…lies4235532143it's all that I could344355545wish1for346to347night04849505152535455verse 2down0the only33562way is 20down057my face3358down on the ground22055960what am I doing here ?000552616263and now my angels 0006433need angels12265to help me 00066get out31of this hell2256768697071chorus 2and if I could stop the clocks37235531273if I could make this moment…3…mine7435532175I'd make the most376355of577a1bad 3time27879I wish I could stop the…3…clocks8035531281and wash away those lies38235532183it's all that I could384355585wish1for386to387break night088899091929394959697solo9899100101chorus 3and if I could stop the clocks3102355312103if I could make this moment mine3104355321105I'd make the…3…most106355of5107a1bad 3time2108109I wish I could stop the clocks3110355312111and wash away those…3…lies112355321113it's all that I could31143555115wish1for3116to3117outronight01181191201211221231241252200031263333321272200031283333321292200031303333321313132Change tuning (R)