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eBGDAE1=1004423456789101112I've been in the324213right place62but it must have been the22222214wrong time24I did say the232215right thing67but I must have used the22222216wrong line24I've been in the244417right trip62but I must have used the22222218wrong call24Head is in a222219bad place62and I wonder what it's22222220good for24I've been in the 999921right place911but it must have been the22222322wrong time24My head is in a 11999923bad place911but it has a332224good time24I've725been runnin trying to keep hung787868626up in my mind868727Just8got to give myself a good768688628talkin'68to this time78629Just need a little brainsvalid6866full78630surgery86731I got to cure8777My632insecurity86868But I've been in the9999933wrong place911but it must have been the22222334right time24I've been in the999935right place911but it must have been the33222236wrong song24I've been in the999937right thing911but it seemed like2222338wrong one24 God I've bee in the11999939right world911but it seemed like a2222340wrong wrong wrong wrong242341wrong14243444546474849505152535455Slippin', divin', sneakin', peepin'7686868656hidin' out down the street88886757see my life867shakin' with88658every who I meet8676859refright, confusion if I'm786786660makin'myself clear8868761wonder which868way to go868to662get on out of here86786But I've been in the9999963right place911but it must have been the22222364wrong time24And I have said the9999965right thing911but iI must have used the33222266wrong line24I set the99967right road911But I must have took a22222368wrong joint24I did the99969right move911but I made it at the22222370wrong time24I've been in the999971right trip911but I made it in a22222372wrong call24Head is in a999973good place911but i wonder what is22222374that for24 God I've bee in the119999Change tuning (R)