eBGDAE1[Intro]=100442345678910111213=1011415161718192021=9922232425[Verse 1]Day after day as the bodies lay And the 44440004447726sun becomes dark in the sky 7777544327Everything's lost for this human race And the 5555540244428dawn of a new age will rise 44442042329Rays of sunlight now are gone Only5552252400030visions of ice will remain 7777544331Fallen ones and forgotten souls Will55554024432rise up over the slain No more4445244233[Bridge]hope 0As we0034raise our hands to the sky No more077754442235dreams 0As the0436rivers run dry... 44574237038394041[Verse 2]Everything's lost all is left astray Only=1014444004447742sorrow and sadness remains 7777542full343Curtains are dropped on our fallen world And the55555402444344forces of darkness shall rise 44442042345Why can't you see what has happened to thee 5555222024446Can you not open your eyes 7777544347Everything's lost there is no retreat And the5555540244448valleys echo with pain 444524No more4249[Bridge]hope 0As we0050raise our hands to the sky No more077754442251dreams 0As the0452rivers run dry44542On the0253[Pre-Chorus]endless seas of madness 444440We054sail forever more 77542And the0255endless tears of sadness 2444440To-4756wards the distant shores When the775420257flame has died forever We444440058stand one and all 7542With the0459power of the almighty000002460sword... 761[Chorus]We fight the battle9997662on the fields tonight44424663To save us from the26642264Master of all the Evil246422165side2And stood the battle9997666on4Forever standing9997667strong2We feel the fire 2664268Power of the night warri-224642169ors27071727374[Verse 3]No more tomorrow422742275Dying of sorrow 422742276Over the mountains and up through the trees 55400002454377Travelling across seven seas 444444442No more42378[Bridge]hope 54As we0079raise our hands to the sky No more077754442280dreams 57As the0481rivers run dry44542On the0282[Pre-Chorus]endless seas of madness 444440We083sail forever more 77542And the0284endless tears of sadness 2444440To-4785wards the distant shores When the775420286flame has died forever We444440087stand one and all 7542With the0488power of the almighty000002489sword... 790[Chorus]We fight the battle9997691on the fields tonight44424692To save us from the26642293Master of all the Evil246422194side2And stood the battle9997695on4Forever standing9997696strong2We feel the fire 2664297Power of the night warri-224642198ors299[Solo]=99100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131[Bridge]Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh-Oh=10112421245132Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh1242114133Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh-oh-uh-1242124575134Whuuuh-uh-oh-whoa4757135Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh-Oh12421245136Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh1242114137Whoah-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh-oh-uh-1242124575138Whuuuh-uh-oh-whoa On the475702139[Pre-Chorus]endless seas of madness 444440We0140sail forever more 77542And the02141endless tears of sadness 2444440To-47142wards the distant shores When the7754202143flame has died forever We4444400144stand one and all 7542With the04145power of the almighty0000024146sword... 7147[Chorus]We fight the battle99976148on the fields tonight444246149To save us from the266422150Master of all...2469151We fight the battle11111198152on the fields tonight666468153To save us from the488644154Master of all the Evil4686443155side4And stood the battle11111198156on6Forever standing11111198157strong4We feel the fire 48864158Power of the night warri-4468643159ors4The4160Power of the night warri-=984468689161ors864162163